Trade Mark:Gazella

General Manager:FadelNatsheh

Contact Person:FadelNatsheh

Short Description: Gazella Company supply the footwear industry in Hebron with shoe soles, they design and cast modern and top quality outer shoe soles, keeping up to date with changing styles, producing the designs and colours needed in the market by shoe makers for each season.

History:Gazella history roots back to 1985 when MrFadel and brothers had a small workshop making mens shoes. Gazella continued in that field of work until 1993 when Fadelexpanded the factory and started producing shoe soles in addition to producing shoes, and ever since Gazella has been improving and developing their production process.

Vision & Mission:To provide a wider variety of sole types and models, to export, and open new markets.

Experience:Specialize in Shoe Soles

Contact Us
Address West Bank,Palestine
Tel No 022252913
Mobile 0599276329
Fax No 022292171
Email fadelk97@hotmail.com
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